Thunderchild Gallery Workshop
Thunderchild Gallery Workshop
Sold by: Thunderchild Allen
Joined: January 31, 2007

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I'm an independent mixed media artist in RL & SL. I am well mixed, sometimes shaken and stirred. U.S.N. Vet.

The Thunderchild Gallery Workshop is a project to mix my RL artwork into SL and organize both from SL. My artwork and products are available on RL sites and I'm trying to match SL to RL products as much as possible. April 20, 2021 marked the fist complete year.

My products start with my Real Life artwork. Artwork is imaged by a reproduction shop with the high resolution images are used for reproductions, prints and product images. Things like fractal burns and small sketches are imaged at home in high resolution. These textures are available as standalone images in png or jpg in SL. They can be purchased with Full Permissions under a TOS and License or they can be purchased as End User goods with less permissions. These textures are available in RL at 3rd party product sites.

Next are digital designs and repeating patterns from these textures. AJ's Texture Gallery is where full permission textures are displayed with info on their RL textile compliments.

The last items are 3rd party products with HUDs using my library. Right now this focus is mostly on clothing as I learn the various mesh body types and their models.

I try to have a demo for clothing so you can test the fit of the Mesh item. If the mesh fits, then there are lots of HUDs for textures in singles or packs for that item. You can request a special set of textures. I have a standard rate for custom work. You can also have a mesh maker contact me for a project. If you have something that you're imagining, hit me up to start a creative process.

The Milda Region locations where I practice the art of inundation with my mental elements.
“imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality” CC. AiW

Hit me up for a game of backgammon or an idea for a product.


I try to have a demo for clothing so you can test the fit of the Mesh item. Make sure the items fits in demo, cuase there's no refunds in the VR. The current TOS and applicable License(s) should be delivered with your purchase from the SL Marketplace or in-World from CasperVendors. You can also find these documents in-World at shops and information boards.

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