Heartsong Gallery
Heartsong Gallery
Sold by: Katherine Heartsong
Joined: October 20, 2020

At Heartsong Gallery, we want every avatar to be able to own an original, one-of-a-kind artwork to decorate their beautiful homes with!

I have a low-spam, dedicated group where I send updates on new work. It's free to join! Search for and join "Heartsong Gallery" today, or copy and paste this SUrl in-world ... secondlife:///app/group/5fc00427-c980-1465-f16b-318e9eae2cd8/about

Original! Every piece of art is original, and only available for sale once. When you buy a piece of my art, you are the only one in Second Life to ever own that work. That's my promise to you, and it is what makes my artwork unique.

Easy purchase in the gallery or the Marketplace! In the gallery, Simply click on the artwork you like and "Buy". The piece immediately becomes your property after you have paid. **IMPORTANT!!** This means you need to immediately take the artwork into your inventory. Do not leave the gallery without taking your art! If you have a problem with the in-world process, please contact me via IM or via the Marketplace store.

If you are on my Marketplace page, simply click on one of the big orange buttons. I have provided images showing the art in a room, and a close up of the details of each piece so you can be confident buying. Still not sure? Please visit my in-world gallery, to view my currently available works on actual walls.

Permissions? You bought it, you own it. I have set permissions on the art so that you can Transfer it to another person, but you can NOT Copy or Mod it. That is the equivalent of how it works in the real world, and the policy here is intended to protect both the artist and the buyer. If you have a problem with the buying or permissions, please contact me via IM.

Who is Katherine? In my first life, I am a designer and typographer, with three decades of experience in studios and agencies around the world. I have been painting abstract, geometric minimalist, and colour field works for over 40 years.


Because the art immediately becomes your property after purchase (in-world gallery or here on the Marketplace), and permissions are No Copy / No Modify / Transfer, I am unable to offer refunds or redelivery. Any issues will be personally handled on a case-by-case basis by sending me an IM in-world. Thank you for understanding!

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