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Profile™ is the largest retailer for second-hand products in Second Life™,
a virtual world for young and old, the retailer for your most beloved brands, games and services!

ALL products on the Second Life Marketplace are +10% more expensive than our default price in-world.

To find our in-world shops: please speak with 'Smartshop Resident' to guide you with a list of our merchants.
Say /help to any of our merchants to start your journey!

Do you want to know how?
– Watch a short video on our website shown at the bottom of this message.

Do you have a question and/or an idea?
– Contact us on™ Team


We do NOT provide support for the products you purchase.
We do provide support in anything related to purchases and our services.

If the creator(s) of distributed products has any questions and/or concerns,
please contact us through email before taking action with Linden Labs.
We will subjectively satisfy your needs and find a resolution.™ Team

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