Harambee Full Perm
Harambee Full Perm
Sold by: HarambeeFP
Joined: March 13, 2022

All sales from our Store go to fundraising for the 'IKSDP-Harambee Project' (non-profit association), in particular at the IKSDP Harambee Schools in the Gwassi region, on the shores of Victoria Lake (Kenya).
In our shop you can find a beautiful Full Perm and, in our Harambee Charity shop, ethnic stuff, home and garden, party and wedding arrangements, castles, fashion, accessories, jewelry and even quality gifts!
Our textures/sculpts/meshes Full Permissions are sold for charity only for use in Second Life, so don't ask for refunds. This way you can contribute to help our IKSDP kenyan schools! https://iksdpnyandiwa.net/en/
Buying the items from an UNAUTHORIZED seller will lead to a DMCA/Copyright infringement report for the seller and buyer.
Send me a Notecard in-world if you have any questions or want any help!


Our textures/meshes can only be used in your own creations: please don't sell or share with friends and alters with Full Perm, don't sell as 'stand alone' but as part of your making.
You are not authorized to:
- Give the product to anyone (license for a single user).
- Use the product in any other grid.

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