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We send out our sincerest gratitude to all those who have helped us in bringing madness and insanity to Second Life. We will continue to make more and more and to improve all our products as we go along. So expect new and disturbing items from us as long as we live. If you have any suggestions, disturbed ideas, unimaginable concepts, wild imaginations or even evil ones... Don't hesitate to share it with us!. We'll be glad to dig deep in our Brains and bring out all your unique ideas here in SecondLife.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, violent reactions or grave threats, feel free to contact us thru an IM, an Offline IM or even a NoteCard (NoteCard response might take longer though).

We are ready to assist you regarding any issues about all our products. Demonstrations are also conducted upon request.

We just take normal screen shots for any products because we fell that there is FAR too much photoshopping going on in Market Place advertising.


- Modification : Unless the item displays that it is modify in the sold condition or advertisement we do not provide Modify permission on that item for any price.

- Refunds / Returns : No refunds or returns.

-: Exceptions to the rule : Only if a product is transferable are we offering returns or refunds, otherwise you buy it and it's yours permenantly.

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