Ravenglass Rentals Shaman's Hut
Ravenglass Rentals Shaman's Hut
Sold by: Prokofy Neva
Joined: September 28, 2004

I am now in my 20th year of business as owner of Ravenglass Rentals, La Montana Rosa, and related land groups, mainly on Mainland. Write ravenglassrentals@yahoo.com with requests.

I also maintain the SL Public Land Preserve to keep beautiful natural areas and hangouts open for all to use with a variety of recreational activities and also free vending.

In developing my communities, I commissioned or created a number of inventions or accessories or "props" that fit the theme, or commissioned them to be made, such as Trash Can Cuisine for Flamingo Court trailer park; the magic rings, the bell of Charn, magic barrels, etc. for Narnia; breakfast trays and hall trays for my delightful Bed & Breakfasts; Hands of Glory for freak shows; the fez, Turkish coffee, and Turkish delight candies for Memory Bazaar; sauna robes and ash tray for Flamingo Court; a citronella candle for camping areas; fish choppers for the Moth Temple Preserve and all the items made by Jessica Ornitz in Iris; puja tables, chimes, books and Tibet prayer flags for Free Tibet; the Mountain Hiker's magic tables; innovative eggs such as Linden Office Hours and much more.
Some of my creations are humorous like "Sion Chicken Stew" and some are helpful tools to explore SL like "Sacred Places in SL" or "Random Compass".
Search with the term "153Fish" to find SL Public Land Preserve items.

I also scour the used goods, gatchas and bargains and put them in my various shops for you to get a great deal, with a special focus on magic, fairy, elf, druid, woods, camping themes.

What is a virtual world? I define it as two things: a) a sense of place b) drama. I help create the sense of place in the contiguous geographical world of the Mainland; you bring the drama.


All gatcha items go from my inventory to yours; no copies or refunds for these single-copy/transfer items. MP does not have refunds. Contact me to request a refund except for gatchas. KittyCats have date and age posted. You are responsible for feeding cats after purchase.

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