~Toy's~ Sculpty Landscapes Store & Art Gallery
Sold by: Toysoldier Thor
Joined: January 23, 2008

Toy's Sculpty Landscapes Store found inworld is a spacious location that is used to demonstration / display several of the rocks, rivers, waterfalls, rapids, volcanos, hoodoos, ridges, cliffs and several other Landscape sculpt maps from several hot selling Sculpty Landscape builder theme packs.

You can also see some of cool items for sale like custom seamless water and stone wall texture packs, natural tranquility art, and more.

The store design and layout has been almost completely built using Toysoldier Thor's own sculpty packs that he sells to you.

Finally, Toy's multi-floor Art Gallery has also merged with his store. So come browse his store and see his several 2D and 3D mesh art works


#1 Policy:
To me, CUSTOMER SERVICE IS MOST IMPORTANT! If you buy anything from me, you can be assured the best customer service in SL. I will bend over backwards to make sure you understand my product before you buy and support you after you buy from me.

If you have ANY questions or concerns or problems with any item you buy from me - IM me - TOYSOLDIER THOR.

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