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Joined: February 10, 2008

[FIEND] is an up to date, stylish clothing store for Men & Women, New releases every week.

Urban Grunge Sexy Casual Punk Hoodie Neko Cute Emo Accessories Sneakers Shoes Male Female Clothing Clothes Gothic Tees Dresses Skirts Socks Piercings Tattoos Fashion Elf Ears Kawaii Fae Fairy Shoes Boots Skins Makeup Feet Ripped Sculpted Sweaters


☢ Missing Items From Purchase?
- Ocassionally SL can eat pieces as it opens boxes. For that reason everything we make is copy, which means you can re-rez the box & unpack it again. If that doesn't work, contact Tash Galthie by Notecard Only. Be sure to include transaction history!
☢ Need a Redelivery?
Purchases made on Marketplace, copy & paste the transaction history to a notecard and send to

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