.:S.C:. Sasheba's Closet
.:S.C:. Sasheba's Closet
Sold by: Vicarious Lee
Joined: March 18, 2008

Sasheba's Closet offers fitted mesh clothing and accessories for Maitreya and Slink primarily, but we offer other mesh bodies and even classic avatar things when possible. Big advocate of Omega Appliers too. TYSM Omega <3, amirite?

SL is my creative happy place, and I, Vicarious Lee, personally strive to bring you unusual oddities and pretty bits and baubles for the pure unadulterated love of creation, not to whip new crap out just to try and get your money :P I do it for the exhilaration of my own personal achievement and artistic growth. I just hope that shines through in my creations :)


*The mesh we use is often full perm templates, but every texture applied is made by hand (with <3), and NEVER purchased from a full perm texture maker. Meaning:

***YOU WILL NEVER find our clothing anywhere else, or sold under any other name! *Unless someone stole 'em :P

***NOT currently accepting custom orders, sorry <3 Still doing the time warp irl lol

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