DG Products for Second Life (DGP4SL)
DG Products for Second Life (DGP4SL)
Sold by: Darrius Gothly
Joined: June 04, 2008

DGP4SL specializes in scripted gadgets, tools and gizmos intended to improve and automate much of the mundane chores of Second Life. Our products bring a unique demand of excellence in performance to the common every day experience. From our highly praised Slide Shows to the DG Flyer series of Teleporters, our products are well known for delivering the utmost in value at a price that won't break the bank.

If there is a device or gadget that you need or want, please let us know. We are always looking for neat ideas to turn from concept into reality. From your dreams to our product line, we routinely provide the Idea Inventor a lifetime free copy. While we are known to take on custom jobs, they are not our preference. We'd rather put time and effort into something the masses can use.


Most of our products are delivered Copy/Mod/No Transfer. We also offer automatic redelivery of purchases using the iGlom RDS System. If you've lost a purchase, please visit our Main Store and use the RDS Kiosk at the front of the store to find your purchase and request a redelivery.

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