Avatar Bizarre
Avatar Bizarre
Sold by: Sredni Eel
Joined: September 08, 2007

Avatar Bizarre is owned and operated by Sredni Eel. He is the sole designer of the clothing, so if you have any questions or comments, please drop him a message. IMs go to email if he's offline, but they are the preferred method of contact.

Please note: all clothing items should be modify/copy and no transfer. Sometimes asset server issues do occur, and so do human errors. If you buy a suit or any piece of clothing that is not modify/copy, please IM Sredni Eel so I can fix the issue.

Special orders are available, particularly on Scottish Kilts (should you need your clan Tartan).

Delivery problems? Please don't hesitate to contact Sredni Eel. All notecards will be answered within 24 hours, barring any network or computer issues.

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Please contact Sredni Eel *immediately*. Send an IM for faster service. I will respond within a couple of hours to fix errors, particularly for non-deliveries of the Marketplace. I have ZERO tolerance for Marketplace issues and I also prefer you contact me before leaving feedback, as I want to make sure all items are delivered and as advertised.


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