Wild Hound Designs
Wild Hound Designs
Sold by: Canis Baxton
Joined: August 02, 2008

[WHD] Wild Hound Designs strives to bring you quality products at a reasonable cost.

All of our products contain the best possible textures sculpts, meshes and animations hand picked for their clarity, realism and immersive qualities.

Items made with my Elite/Apocalypse engine contain animations created by some of the best animators in Second Life and will carry a higher price than my other products.

Why pay more when you shouldn't have to?


Sometimes the Marketplace will for some reason refuse to deliver a product to you. The best thing to do is to drop me a notecard in world and I will re-deliver the item as soon as I can. Unfortunately, the Marketplace is outside my control but it is 99.9% reliable.

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