.Loud Mouth.
.Loud Mouth.
Sold by: Brias Stardust
Joined: November 05, 2006

Loud Mouth is a mouth that lays over your face, specifically on the mouth area. The reason we've come up with these mouths are to make our customers look even more beautiful. These mouths currently can be used with any mesh body and the standard Linden Labs head. No Mesh heads have come to us for loud mouth compatibility. Loud Mouth is the home of the Original Mesh lips/mouth. Brias Stardust taken our SL faces to the next level by creating gorgeous lips and allowing skin makers to make appliers and make-ups for the mouths so anyone could have the cute puckered lips as an add on for their Second Life Avatar face. Because of the vast amount of Skin Designers, no two people wearing any of our Loud Mouth mesh mouths look alike.


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