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<R> Ripped
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Created to Inspire

Ripped was created to dress role-players and gorean/medieval enthusiasts! After starting out with about 10 outfits, over the course of 3 years, we have expanded to over 1000 outfits, and at least 500 more that have been put away as the mark of the past. We have experienced designers who offer you quality, quantity, and the options you need to make your look unique. We design for both men and women of all stations and varieties. Even some beasties! We offer both traditional and alternative styles, soft and sweet to edgy and rough. We offer a large market with some of the best designers of the style from all over SecondLife. Also, for those new, we have midnight mania, lucky boards, and an assortment of freebies on site to get you started on your way.

Let your clothing inspire you....


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