Love Me Brutal
Love Me Brutal
Sold by: Tatum Diesel
Joined: October 23, 2008

( formerly .dgaf )

static poses < they don't move & if they do well they shouldn't ha!

pose, poses, poseball, photography, photographer, models, modeling, blog, blogging, props, couples, scene, hipster, indie, singles, group, nerd, fun, geek, dork, love, gay, boho, gatcha, cheap


→ Please 'IM' me for customer service issues. I am not in game often & all objects are set to auto accept meaning I probably will not notice your 'NC' until it's to late. Offlines go straight to my email & I will be able to help you out a lot faster.
→ If contacting about marketplace deliveries please make sure the cost was actually deducted from your linden balance before requesting the item.

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