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[VIRTUAL/INSANITY] is CLOSED, inworld. Our listings are still there for your pleasure but we don't provide customer service anymore for these items that are 5 years+.

Several listings have the wrong name but the picture shows the proper item. In the ONLY CASE where you'd receive a wrong item for some reason (We have a LOT of listings and mistakes may have happened years ago), we'd like you to send a notecard explaining your issue and providing the link to the listing. Only in this case shall we able to refund or give away the correct item.

About LELUTKA appliers, please note they are meant for BENTO heads only (the old ones) and not for the new EVOLUTION ones ! Our items are old and therefore, we don't control the evolution of systems we made items for in the past ! So please, USE A DEMO !

Please note that due to RL, we cannot be often online and we'll therefore answer WHEN WE CAN. We don't mean to disrespect you but cannot really do more.

est. 2009
Cosmetics, accessories & more

We used to provide creative :
❥ Costume jewelry,
❥ cosmetics (nails, make-up),
❥ accessories,
❥ tattoos,
❥ piercings,
❥ shapes,
❥ shoes ... and more.
[V/I] was a creative outlet, not a pro graphist business.

➤ M A R K E T P L A C E ➤ ➤ ➤
https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/30793 - Our MP store is never up to date so please check our inworld store.

➤ T E A M ➤ ➤ ➤
Designer & store owner : Loviathar Hellman
Assistant Designer (tattoos) : Moolfryt Klang
Assistant Manager : Hyel Blackheart



Here is our copyright notice : http://virtualinsanitysl.tumblr.com/post/69470201559/copyright-notice

You'll can find more about the store here : http://www.virtualinsanitysl.net/

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