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• Zuri Jewelry • Since 2007
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Once upon a time a fairy tale began... dreams of fine jewels, thoughts of exquisite designs, myriads of precious stones glittered and glimmered, fine gold, silver and platinum held strong and fast....

Soon creations appeared, luminous necklaces to adorn velvet skin, sparkling earrings shone bright, cuffs and chains were linked and pleated, rings holding more promises and words then hearts could ever speak appeared upon slender fingers..... those my friends, became the reality of Zuri Jewelry

See for yourself the magic and splendor, the heartfelt designs, the shimmering sculpts and masterpieces that bring dreams to life!

Here, we don't just create, we design dreams for life.....

♛ Zuri Rayna Jewelry ♛ If it doesn't say Zuri "Rayna", it is NOT me. Please check properties of the items and the notecards. Be sure the creator is me or it is another imposter. I use NO other names to build and sell or for customer relations. Hugs, thank you for looking!


Hello. Here at Zuri's you will find we have the best customer service. If ever you have an issue with any purchased item from Zuri, simply send a note card to her (Zuri Rayna), and get your item replaced or fixed.
Purchase with utmost confidence that your item is backed up 100% by her and the staff.
Please do not IM her unless she is online. She will not get your IM's.IM's cap fast.

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