Wyndaveres ~ Photo Album, Home decor, Mesh, HUD Youth & Doll
Wyndaveres ~ Photo Album, Home decor, Mesh, HUD Youth & Doll
Sold by: Wynd Ling
Joined: February 23, 2007

Creating Mesh, Home Decor, Wedding, photo Album, Logo Branding & consulting services, Youth child kid avatar accessories & Sweeties Doll Mesh Body.
Wyndavere's - Over 20 years design experience !

As an architect, design critic & owner of art community of 30,000 people,I've learned how to marry form with function while my passion for sentimental nostalgia makes Wyndavere's gifts not only beautifully crafted but mindful in design.

Each product begins with a personal need.

My latest addition, the big idea notekeeper hud, was to fulfill my own need. I grew tired of constantly searching for a scrap of paper or leaving a google doc open for when ever a big idea hit.

There are many more tales to be told. I welcome you to join me for coffee and hear more.

PM/IM anytime!I would be glad to help you learn how to better your skills in the many programs and mediums I use including, photoshop, 3ds max, animation using Poser, AutoCad, and even web design too!

See my services page here.

Thank you for continuing to inspire me throughout the 13 yrs I have been here.
-Wynd Ling
If you would like to receive promo information or connect with me I can be found on the following Wynd Ling or Wyndavere on twitter,pinterest,instagram,facebook.


I will gladly help you in anyway I can to make your shopping experience a good one at Wyndavere's.
HOWEVER, I do not refund NO Transfer purchases.
When purchasing from Wynd Ling you are buying the right TO USE it on the Second Life Grid ONLY. You do not have the right to redistribute any texture/ mesh to any other VR World/Marketplace. This Excludes Logo & Branding design packages

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