Gods of Valor
Gods of Valor
Sold by: Filipa Thespian
Joined: September 30, 2008

Hi, I am Filipa Thespian and I do many things here in Second Life from building structures to making clothing and publishing magazines.

For night clubs and night club decor & lighting, please visit our sister store, Club Depot at: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/6551

**IMPORTANT: Linden Labs disabled the prim consolidation benefits we once enjoyed (i.e. when linked, prims would halve their prim count). As a result, on some builds listed here in my store, prim counts may be very low compared to what you will see on your sim. My apologies, I cannot control what LL does.**

You will see a bit of what seems like an eclectic collection of wares here in my store, but you can sort through them quickly by either sorting keywords in search or by choosing a category of wares here on this side panel.

Stream iMoogi Radio on your sim, http://www.iMoogiRadio.com

Get help marketing your brand with Avatar PR, http://www.AvatarPR.com

Check out the top magazine in SL, Nu Vibez and Roleplay Guide, http://www.nuvibez.com

Get into the greatest coalition of nightclubs in SecondLife, created for clubs and clubgoers both, http://www.TheClubbingConnection.com

No matter where you shop, try shopping in-world first, it's better for the SL economy AND you never know what sort of gifts, lucky chairs, Midnight Madness boards, or other special deals you may stumble across!


Once a purchase is made, we cannot provide refunds as items are no trans.

I am very sorry but I do not do custom modifications to any products, I am, however, here if I am needed and very interested in providing top notch customer support and ongoing care. Thank you!

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