Gods of Valor
Gods of Valor
Sold by: Filipa Thespian
Joined: September 30, 2008

Hi, I am Filipa Thespian and I do many things here in Second Life from building structures to making clothing and publishing magazines.

**IMPORTANT: Linden Labs disabled the prim consolidation benefits we once enjoyed (i.e. when linked, prims would halve their prim count). As a result, on some builds listed here in my store, prim counts may be very low as compared to what you will see on your sim. My apologies, I cannot control what LL does.**

You will see a bit of what seems an eclectic collection of wares here in my store, but you can sort through them quickly by either sorting keywords in search or by choosing a category of wares here on this side panel.

Stream iMoogi Radio on your sim, http://www.iMoogiRadio.com

Share your creative video masterpieces on iMoogi TV, http://www.iMoogi.tv

Get help marketing your brand with Avatar PR, http://www.AvatarPR.com

Check out the top magazine in SL, Nu Vibez and Roleplay Guide, http://www.nuvibez.com

Get into the greatest coalition of nightclubs in SecondLife, created for clubs and club goers both, http://www.TheClubbingConnection.com

No matter where you shop, try shopping in world first, its better for the SL economy AND you never know what sort of gifts, lucky chairs, Midnight Madness boards or other special deals you may stumble across!


Once a purchase is made, we cannot provide refunds as items are no trans.

I am very sorry but I do not do custom modifications to any products, I am, however, here if I am needed and very interested in providing top notch customer support and ongoing care. Thank you!

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