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Joined: March 05, 2008

Snatched has been in business now for nearly 3 years on SL, comming from a background of being in mainline SL for 2 years previous being the leader in club equipment. Snatched is a provider of role play supplies.
This could be anything from clothing for vampire, medieval and gorean role play, furniture and accessories even through to our weaponry devision SWS ( Snatched Weaponry) which is now approved in over 70 gorean sims.

At snatched we pride ourselves in being supporters of content creators by only using legal resources to even training others in the use of construction tools such as blender and is part of the Role Play Content Creators Association - RPCCA

Entensive work is put into the work we do and in 95% of our products no templates or store bought textures are used and nearly all sculpties are made in house with many having baked textures out of game.


Due to our products being no transfer we offer a NO REFUND policy , therefor please make absolutely POSITIVE that items bought both in store and online are what you require. This does not infringe your consumer rights and rights granted to you through SL.

Should an item be deamed faulty then please notify Braydon Randt according for a replacement.
In the event of non delivery please wait 1 ho

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