~Jeanette's Joint~
~Jeanette's Joint~
Vendido por: Jeanette Doobie
entrou: 07/03/2008

~Jeanette's Joint~ is the ever-growing place to go for amazingly fun and avatar-enhancing products!

Visit the ~JJ~ store in Chronicles where there is more space, more items in individual vendors and lots to see rezzed in-world! Just click on the link on this page.


In addition to the classic items offered at ~JJ~ including a full line of Tron-inspired prodoucts, discounted apparel, Quirx interactive buddies and popular avatar accessories - ~JJ~ now specializes in all things Petite! Find the latest fashions, skins, toys, add-ons and more for your Petite Mesh Avatar right here!

Check out the blog (click the link on this page) and don't forget to sign up for our group "~JJ~ Buds" to get the latest updates, special promotions, member benefits and more!

I hope you enjoy our products as much as I have enjoyed creating them!

Jeanette Doobie


*Issues must be reported via Notecard to Jeanette Doobie (must include your full SL name and a complete description of the issue)

*Please allow adequate time to research and respond

*No refunds or exchanges - all sales are final

*Replacements / redeliveries available upon request

*Your transaction must be located in the sales ledger in order for your request to be processed

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