Keeper's Krew Prodcutions
Keeper's Krew Prodcutions
Sold by: KeeperS Karu
Joined: October 18, 2008

Heyla and well met!

Keeper's Krew Productions specializes in making cosplay clothing, accessories, weapons, and animations at affordable prices. In addition, while I may borrow from general themes and ideas for my costumes, I endeavor to make my designs original. So, if you're interested in cosplay, weaponry, or animation kits, why not check out what I have to offer?

Hoping you enjoy my creations,
Keeper S. Karu (KeeperS Karu)
a.k.a. The Keeper

The Keeper's Post Script:

Due to certain, unexpected circumstances that have occurred, in-world, I've found that it's necessary to inform my customers that, outside of Second Life, I’m one woman with very many real-world obligations I must full-fill. As much as I would love to give full time, 24-7 professional customer support, in order to best full-fill my real-world obligations, the circumstances are such that I cannot do so. In fact, there will be times when, in order to best fulfill some of those obligations, I will need to spend one to three months away from Second Life. I understand that this is an inconvenience to customers, and I apologize, sincerely, and I'm currently working to see if I can find the best solution for this dilemma. I only ask that you bear with me during this time, as I truly am working to do the best I can for everyone.

Thank you for your understanding,
Keeper S. Karu
July 5, 2011


Because of the nature of full permissions, copyable, and/or non-transferable items, any and all sales of items marked as such, or a combination of such, are final. There are no returns or refunds for these items. Furthermore, Keeper's Krew Productions reserves the right to change its sales policy at any time.

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