Bloody Mess - Fashion For Freelancers
Bloody Mess - Fashion For Freelancers
Sold by: Chrome Carter
Joined: March 04, 2007

Items for Freelancers, Contractors, Space Junkers, Pirates, Space Cowboys, Galaxy Rangers, Mercs, Space Marines, Greasers, Lightspeed Space Pilots, Space Pilots, Space Junkers, Android Girls, Replicants

To make it short: My mainstore where I used to sell the full avatar sets EXCLUSIVELY is CLOSED. These avatars are complete dressed, geared and ready to rock.

I don't have the time anymore to run a shop so these go now for a special price. Check out my other listing and compare how much you can save by buying the avatar instead of the single item.

I DON'T do commission work or customizations. Not for money, not for your RP group and not for your police department. I also don't give away items with full permissions except the ones listed.


Ask me if you're not sure, ask me if you need help, ask me if you have problems with one of my items. Ask me if you want to see one of my items before buying. Colours may vary from displayed on marketplace to inworld and are no reason for refunds. Colour appearance varies from viewer and display settings.

Remember that if there is a problem, I most likely can help you if you contact me in time.


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