Brenda's House of Low Prims
Brenda's House of Low Prims
Sold by: Brenda Hoisin
Joined: January 30, 2006

Brenda's House of Low Prims
Established 2007
At Brenda's House of Low Prims, we pride ourselves on getting the prim count as low as possible without sacrificing quality or realism.

You often hear people say that in order to have a high level of detail, you need lots of prims, It's just not true! Have a look at my merchandise and see for yourself the level of detail you can get with only a couple of prims.

These items are perfect as thoughtful gifts or to enhance your Second Life experience.


I offer a personal service for all my items and I want you to be as satisfied as possible with my goods. I don't have any strict "no refund, no return" policy, unlike some SL merchants. I treat all purchases and customers as individuals and each transaction is special to me.

If you have any problems, contact me in-world or drop me a notecard as my IMs are often capped.


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