Dimana Tech
Dimana Tech
Sold by: Suntorn Blackheart
Joined: January 06, 2009

High quality original products and great service is what you will get from Dimana Tech.

Professional designs and high render textures. These are just a couple of the ingredients we use to create some of the best business tools and entertainment products you will find.

What drives Dimana Tech, is also it's focus and main priority. Customer satisfaction. We strive only when you are happy and fully satisfied, so we make the extra effort to meet that trust you put into your purchases.

Feel free to look around and get inspired or make a purchase. We appreciate you.

For any further information, please visit our In-World location or visit our website: www.DimanaTech.com


•Refunds are given under certain conditions which include the following:
-Product purchased must be non-copyable
-Product delivery and payment must be fully transacted
-Refunds will not include the 5% SL market commission
•Redelivery is possible and given upon verification of purchase made.
•For your convenience, we have direct SL Customer Service inquiries directly at: www.DimanaTech.com

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