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:::CONNORS Store Policy:::

:::Our policy to lost items
Because loss of inventory, Deletion of item, broken products happens betweenSecond Life server and you.
We will not be responsible for replacement or recovery of your items.
The only exception is; If you have perchased copyable product, and it is within a month of your perchase date.
We will provide certain degree of support.
For lost item(S) thats is no transfer/no resale.
Check your transaction history.
Send us a note card with information such as perchaced date and avatar name.
We will check the transaction history as well and send you the lost item(s) as soon as it is confirmed.

:::Returning/replacement policy
Basically we do not accept request of Returing/replacement of the perchased item.
We will not be responsible for perchase of wrong items.
The exception is, if there is a bug or error to our product.
If you find defect in our product, or any other problems caused by our mistake
Please send note card with detail of defect/problems to Salah Axel.

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