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My aim is to make beautiful, original homes and decor to enhance your Second Life.

You will find quality cottages, huts, houses, lodges, and furnishings all made to high standards. There are detailed online manuals for every cottage and reading these after your purchase will save a lot of time, tears and confusion! They can be found at just head for the 'Product Info' page. If you still have any further questions just let me know via email or via IM backed with a notecard!

Although the majority of my products are on the SL Marketplace there is more decor and some alternate cottage designs at my Ven River store, so hope to see you there soon!


||| Please read the full store policy on my blog before your purchase |||

1) Products are Licensed for use in SL ONLY
2) All products/designs are protected by copyright
3) Copying, downloading, redistribution prohibited
4) For optimum usage, use of the latest Mesh enabled viewer is required
5) Full Customer Support will be given for unmodified purchases
6) ALL cottages (apart from Honey

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