The Jewellery Exchange
The Jewellery Exchange
Sold by: Belinda Hutchinson
Joined: September 04, 2007

Welcome to 'The Jewellery Exchange' and thank you for purchasing my Jewellery. I am a 'Master Jeweller' and a member of the 'Guild of Master Jewellers'. I strive to make the highest quality and most elegant, delicate & exquisite Jewellery in SL' for you the more discerning avatar.
I use the best 'Metals' & 'Gems' to texture my prim work, making most of the textures myself. Giving the pieces a unique touch of individuality & quality ;-)... I do hope that you enjoy wearing this piece/set as much as I enjoyed making it :-)).

If you wish to get a piece of jewellery made for a loved one, or as part of your role/game play. I really like to make new and interesting jewellery, and invite the challenge :). Depending on what you want and the amount of detail required, each new piece can take from 3 days up to 3 weeks to complete. Any pictures you have that can help give me an idea or support the vision of what you want, would be very helpful.
Please send me a NC as it is a good way of keeping a record of your requirements and tastes, and I will get back to you as fast as I can.

Belinda Hutchinson :-)
Owner of 'The Jewellery Exchange'.


All of my Jewellery is No Modify & No Copy, (unless a hunt gift or otherwise specified in the description). You do have the ability to reposition your jewellery items. Also you may 'TRANSFER' the jewellery if you wish. However just remember If you choose to do so you will 'LOSE' the items from your inventory.
However being the intelligent person that you are, I know you will have read the permi

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