Zuperbuu Works
Zuperbuu Works
Sold by: Zuperbuu Jinx
Joined: April 14, 2009

Zuperbuu Works was founded by Tom/Zuperbuu Jinx, who has long been an artist and story-writer, for over 15 years making quality drawings and literature in both fan-base and originality.
Tom invested nearly 6 years into Second Life; bringing you both original works and fan-works of various types.
His specialty in Second Life is making Anthro Dinosaurs and his original book creatures and characters.

He has limited time on Second Life, and recommends you contact him via Twitter: https://twitter.com/zuperbuu


If it says 'no transfer' you don't get a refund for making the wrong purchase. Please make sure you are purchasing the correct item before you actually do!
Do not resell or redistribute my avatars; I've left them MOD so you can be creative with them, not rip them apart and sell them off as your own work. Kindly respect this request and all my work will remain MOD!


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