TX Gear ® Built by a Builder, For Builders.
TX Gear ® Built by a Builder, For Builders.
Sold by: Tech Robonaught
Joined: July 17, 2008

TX Gear ® Built by a Builder, For Builders.

REC Basic Vehicle Scripts with Remote , API and Tons of Addons

TX Trailer Addon for ANY vehicle- Full Perms Resell

TX Raycast Suspension - Full Perms Resell

TX Mobile Media - Resellers

TX EMS Lighting - Resellers

TX Full Perms Hydraulic System With HUD - Resellers

Secondlifes Largest Supplier of full permission vehicle shells. Cars Trucks Vans Semi Tractors Trailers Helicopters Motorcycles all makes and models domestic and imported 1700+ Full Perms Vehicles and Counting

Other assorted oddities available.

** Full Perms Resell subject to Clarification & Creator Protection.


Any issues IM Tech Robonaught. Absolutely no refunds.

If an issue is not brought to our attention we cannot fix it. If you make a purchase and have an issue and make no attempt to make contact we cannot help you resolve it. The number one reason for bad reviews is the lack of the purchasers ability to make contact.

Some items considered m-c-t may contain some no mod scripts.

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