!Drakke! Designs
!Drakke! Designs
Sold by: Mandrakke Dagger
Joined: April 09, 2007

Drakke Boots work with ALL Viewers, they have since 2010 when alpha masks were originally released! We now carry Stilettos, one of a kind, guaranteed to match your skin color through the most advanced exclusive Drakke HUD. Problems? Contact me directly and I will help you match colors.


(EN) Issues? Failed Deliveries? Contact me In World with a Notecard please.
(DE) Probleme? Kein Artikel geliefert werden? Kontaktieren Sie mich mit einer Notecard (Zittel) bitte.
(IT) Problemi? Non ha ricevuto prodotto? Contattami con un Notecard per favore.
(FR) Problèmes? N'a pas reçu de produit? Contactez-moi avec un Notecard s'il vous plaît.
(BR) Problemas? Não receber o produto? Contacte

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