Image Photography Studios & Equipment
Image Photography Studios & Equipment
Sold by: sparkie Hallard
Joined: November 30, 2006

Image Photography has become one of the biggest photography studio selling companies in second life.
It has features that no other studios offer at a low lag and low prim features. I have bloggers wanting to exploit the items and avatars also recomending them to other avatars they know. We have become the leader of photography supplies due to the expertise of my good old scripter Grandma bates whom also has scripted for linden herself at one point.
The items are far advanced than others so come along to the store and take a look.
our customer service is also treated as best as possible with life time updates.

We are the founder of using multiple avatar controls on out studios and pose stands using no stand at all. complete movement of avatars in any direction no other can match. You can use your single animations and create any form of posing interacting with other avatars with the same method. This unique system has been a massive hit with the avatar community in second life


Any refunds given on consideration
Free updates to customers or re deliveries from our update and re delivery room.

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