Icons Of Style
Icons Of Style
Sold by: Katia Millet
Joined: December 17, 2008

Icons Of Style made for You beautiful and attractive poses.

* You can purchase a product with fullperm or copy/modify rights.

*fI You have some ideas or individual order just IM me in world or better send me a notecard.

<3 xoxo Katia Millet


DELIVERY: If you do not receive the product:
1. Contact with me, I will answer you within 24 - 48 hours.
2. If You do not get free stuff just buy it again, please.

1.You must NOT share or sell/distribute poses. However You can use them to create Your own produkcts.
2.Remember to limit the right of the product to NO transfer or No copy.

REFUNDS: I'm sorry, but I can't provide it

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