Dressng Darlings/Mondays Child/Naughty Naughty/Anime Angels
Dressng Darlings/Mondays Child/Naughty Naughty/Anime Angels
Sold by: Rusty Hammand
Joined: August 07, 2009

I currently own 4 stores and have moved portions of them all to marketplace and they are no longer in-world.

DRESSING DARLINGS:is my children’s clothing store. I carry clothing accessories and hair. I specialize in working with textures and adding minute detail.

MONDAY CHILD: My Children's Shape Store, Child Shapes, Teen Shapes for both boys and girls.

NAUGHTY NAUGHTY: Women's Formal, Retro and Naughty Clothing.

ANIME ANGELS: Creative & beautiful amime representations
Shapes made in the likeness of: * Hinata; * Sakura; Haruno; * Tsunade; * Ino Yamanaka; * Jessica Rabbit; * Sio of Afro Samurai; * Sailor Moon; as well as original shapes inspired by popular sl looks including: urban gothic emo beach bunny runway beauty curvy & sexy girl next door. These are ANIME SHAPES Not an anime "mask" or "helmet" Carefully crafted shapes that make your ACTUAL avi the anime character. Come see what the difference is!



I believe in customer service so I always to my best to make sure the customer got what they purchased. I work hard to make sure that I am pleasant, helpful and quick to answer questions and concerns.

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