*Vera Langer Creations*
*Vera Langer Creations*
Sold by: Vera Langer
Joined: August 16, 2009

Hi, i'm Vera Langer, been in SL for a year now and really enjoy the creative possibilities in here. Started designing clothes and eyes thanks to the support of some very special friends.
Love to get feedback from people that buy my items.

I design eyes, classical, medieval, casual and formal dresses and gowns, shirts, jeans, ....sometimes even do a bit of building.


Nearly all my items are copy/mod, if not it's clearly stated in the description.

If there are any problems with the content of the boxes, send me an im and i'll check the content again through test delivery and send you a corrected version right away.

And please, please let me know when something's wrong with the permissions or content in the boxes.

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