KTZ Product ©
KTZ Product ©
Sold by: Ktzitz Bravitz
Joined: October 19, 2009

By buying any KTZ Product you are agreeing to the following License Agreement / Terms of Use:
you NOT ALLOWED to share, resell, repack, give away, distributed, redistribute, publish, or trade KTZ ("ktzitz bravitz" files,items, prims & objects) in any from.
you NOT ALLOWED to use KTZ ("ktzitz bravitz" files, items, prims & objects) outside of second life (R) virtual world.
("ktzitz bravitz" files, items, prims & objects) are building aid, you may use KTZ product to aid you make your own creations,
but you NOT ALLOWED to sell or give away your creations as a Copy + Transfer or Full permission.
To be able sell your creations legal way, Permissions must be limited to:
(1) Copy only (2) Transfer only (3) Copy/Modify, or (4) Transfer/Modify.
but You are NOT ALLOWED to sell the product as it already exists, you have to merge the product with some complex creation.
by keeping the original KTZ package (box) that you purchased, means you received the legal rights to use KTZ product.any illegal activities against this License Agreement / Terms of Use, will be reported.
- please follow this agreement and enjoy my product
KTZ product © Ktzitz Bravitz

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