T-Spot Home & Garden
T-Spot Home & Garden
Sold by: Teresa Matfield
Joined: August 24, 2007

All items in my store are made by me (Teresa Matfield). The theme is 'Home and Garden', mainly vegetation (flowers, trees, bushes, plants etc.).

Most items are full perm, but I also sell some of my most popular items in a copy/modify version at a reduced price.

I make an effort to create items that are of high quality and easy to work with. I also make an effort to create items that won't compete directly with the items of other full perm creators.

I keep the prices low, so you can make bigger and more interesting projects, even on a limited budget.

Please make sure you also support other full perm creators, as combining our different skills and creations will make your projects better :-)

For customer service, please read the notecard that's included in the purchase or the picks in my avatar profile.

You're also welcome to contact me if you can't find the information, you're looking for.

For faster response, please send me an IM instead of a notecard, and write the entire question in one IM. Thank you :-)


It's pretty much said under "Profile" :-)

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