The Little Bat
The Little Bat
Sold by: Drusilla Dethly
Joined: December 07, 2009

The Little Bat.

Stop by my in-world store for the items you see here on the Marketplace, and for some you don't!
Feel free to drop me a notecard for questions, concerns, or any problems =)

Oddball Art Co.

I make things for fun - a creative outlet. I do not transfer any Lindens to USD.


All items are either copy/mod/no trans or copy/no mod/no trans.

If an item wasn't delivered, drop me a notecard with the transaction info and I'll fix it asap!

If something isn't right, you received the wrong item, or anything is out of sorts, please send me an IM - if offline, all IM's go directly to email =)

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