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Sold by: Sho Kenin
Joined: January 22, 2010

- ::eXpression:: Poses is the first, original and the best Action pose store on Second Life. All of our poses are made by Real Life Martial Artists, providing the BEST and the most natural looking action poses based on REAL LIFE experience.

- Tired of all the poses that look similar? Want to refresh your pictures with some eXtreme and eXciting Poses? You're drawing a blank on what to do with your pictures to make them look more real?
Then we're the right Pose Store for you!
Keep an eye out for this uprising store and its large variety of unique and never been made poses before!

- Be different, ::eXpress:: yourself! ;)


1. No Transfer - No Refunds
2. Please try the poses out inworld before getting them, before you make sure you want to get the fat pack, because of the #1
3. For any kind of malfunction, inquiry, information or irregularity please IM Sho Kenin or Janaina Delvalle, please don't send notecards

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