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Tumansky Heavy Industries, (THI) is the premier vendor of goods on Second Life representing the golden age of high style (1912 -1945). we concentrate mostly on aircraft and vehicles, but also offer clothes and acccessories for the discerning customer.

Vehicles are scripted efficiently, with a nod towards a realistic feel, and consistent behaviors, but we are also receptive to customer feedback.

We are also a primary vendor of the VICE system, and one of the first companies to carry it. more details can be found at www.vice

We are now a proud member of the Global Dynamic Technologies consortium, and coordinate our efforts and skills through the consortium, so as to provide a wider variety of products at a quicker rate.


THI customers can get free updates for products they have purchased through the life of the product. Products re-created in Mesh are classified as new products, because they require a new scripter.

THI customers can get guaranteed delivery, provided the vendor or the Marketplace transmits the purchase information correctly. Hover if there is no record of purchase, there is no delivery or refu


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