Petit Chat Original
Petit Chat Original
Sold by: Trinity Yazimoto
Joined: May 01, 2009

Designer: Trinity Yazimoto

Created in 2010 by Trinity Yazimoto, Petit Chat became Petit Chat Original in 2016.

Original mesh and texture with the best quality and the best performance for your avatar :

-- Footwear
-- Accessories
-- Jewellery

All our items are materials enabled.

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1.My items are copy and modifiable, It can happens they show otherwise in your inventory because of a script but the mesh remains modifiable anyway..
2.Items are usually delivered in a package. Just wear it and touch it, and you'll recieve your folder. You can also rezz it and open it.
3. No refund.
4. If you need help or have any question, send an IM rather than a NC, as i can read and answe

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