Frith Endsleigh
Frith Endsleigh
Joined: January 23, 2009

☆☆Welcome to VERVE DESIGN!☆☆
Design created just for you! Beautiful shapes for men & women. Rockin tattoos. Breedable horses. And builds for a more beautiful SL.

::VERVE Design:: creations are designed for you by Frith Endsleigh. We hope you enjoy our designs and freebies in world.

☆VERVE Tattoos are hand drawn creations by Frith Endsleigh from a variety of inspirations.

☆VERVE Shapes are designed using a variety of skins to make sure it looks good with your skin; however, I still recommend trying on a shape DEMO. (Demo's are no Mod.)

☆VERVE Builds are lovely builds designed with you in mind. Elegant additions to your land that will certainly add to a fantasy or RP environment.


**Please note: due to SL migration issues with SLmarketplace, there have been some issues with the wrong images and wrong items being linked in my shop. If there is a problem, please send me a notecard inworld as my IMs are capped. Please note however that this issue needs to be resolved by LL and it is currently being looked into. Thank you!

All builds are sold Mod/Copy/NoTr


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