The Bohemian Underground
The Bohemian Underground
Sold by: Bagheera Kristan
Joined: December 20, 2009

women's vintage costumes, period, historical, elegant dresses, gowns, couture, bespoke, ball rooms, dance halls, period building, Art Deco, Impressionism, paintings, decor, furniture, mermaid, goddess, Greek, Roman, Romantic, Baroque, Regency, Neo-classical, jewelry, fashion, sexy, seductive, lovely, allure, beautiful, classic, dance


IMs get capped, please send a notecard. All customer service issues will be replied to within 72-hours (barring unforeseen real-life events) and resolved to the customer's satisfaction as quickly as possible. No refunds issued for Full Perm items; please ensure you are purchasing what you expect by visiting in-world or contacting Bagheera Kristan prior to purchase.

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