.:Evilkyoot:. Designs
.:Evilkyoot:. Designs
Sold by: Narianna Dover
Joined: December 25, 2009

.:Evilkyoot:. Designs

Dedicated to bringing you affordably kyoot products using only the finest sculpts and textures. You'll find an amazing collection of eclectic furnishings, trinkets, and women's clothing with a touch of whimsy, a dash of sass, and a pinch of humor for everyone.

No poseballs were harmed in the creation of any of our items ^^

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* Most of my items are Copy only, with resizer scripts. Be sure to make a copy first!

* No Transfer = no refund. Issue with an item? Drop a notecard and I will either replace or repair the item.

* If you don't hear from me in 48 hrs of original notecard, drop one at my inworld


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