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Boudoir™ Store Policy
1. Only double purchases of COPY items will be refunded.
In this case please provide us your transaction details in English as mandatory on email within 24 hours after purchase.
2.Our redelivery terminal for all items purchased in world store is located on the entrance of store.
You can't redeliver non-copy items.
If a product that you purchased didn't get delivered, please provide us your transaction details in English as mandatory on email within 24 hours after purchase.We will resend you the missing item in the shortest time possible.
3. We DON'T offer replacements by inventory loss. Approach Linden Lab in such issue.
4. We are not responsible for your wrong purchase, please be careful if you press the final buy button,We can not make any exceptions to this rule, so please don't ask us to.
5. Cheating attempts and lying will get you nowhere.
You'll be banned and reported to Linden Lab for fraud.
6. We ban immediately people who try to do profit with pirated items, beggars, respectless LM-spreader,group spammers, rude people who harass us/others.
We trust that adults act as adults.
7.Do not ask us to change permissions of our products, We won't do that under any condition!
8.We don't make customization of our items any kind- what you see on AD is what you get!
9.Gacha is a game of luck which you get prizes randomly. I do NOT accept any request such as wanting a specific prize.
When delivery error occurs, please send us snapshot and transaction log which you can see on Linden site.
Then if we can see that the delivery error is for sure, we'll re-deliver the prize.
10.Hope we make all things clear-if you're still decide to disturb us with impossible requests , we will be forced to mute you, ban from our land and report you to Linden


Dear customers,
we are providing customer service trough our email , so if you need to contact us for any reason about our products/ your purchase/ advice/ anything, send us EMAIL on in English as mandatory!
All IMs and Notecards will be ignored and discarded, thank you!

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