Sold by: Mika Feiri
Joined: September 29, 2009

Founded by Mika Feiri, SLiCK! focuses on high-quality tools, clothes, and accessories. Not content with mediocre quality of many available products, our motto is "Don't sell anything you couldn't proudly wear/use yourself!"

If ultra-realism is what you are looking for, you will be disappointed. SLiCK! designs are made to emphasize the unique SL visuals, from lighting to shapes.


1) All SLiCK! products are redeliverable by request.

2) Support for SLiCK! products is provided either using the SLiCK! group in-world, or IM or notecard to Mika Feiri.

3) Bugfixing updates and common upgrades are provided for free.

4) SLiCK! products are provided "as is". Modifications to them beyond simple resize and fit can result in lost functionality.

5) All items are COPY. Bec


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