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:+:Studio Sidhe:+:
Sold by: Faery Sola
Joined: July 19, 2006

Since 2006 Studio Sidhe has been a presence in SL & has become known for quality, originality, and fun :D We are proud to continue building and expanding on that reputation. We offer you a selection of Jewellery for women & men, Poses, Pose Props, Ladies wear and an assortment of funky, fun bits and bobs.

Wear your art! Quality textures, Poses, Ladies Wear, Mens & Ladies accessories, Jewelery, swings, wings, Hair accessories, photo ops for you & your friends, great fun atmosphere, lots to see and do here! :) Bohemian, eclectic, fun!


We are happy to help if you have any problems :)

Please be aware though that most everything sold under the Studio Sidhe label is Mod/Copy making it no transfer.

Things to remember:

* Make a copy of any item before you begin to mod it, we wont replace an item that has been damaged while modifying if a copy has not been taken already.

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