Antique Artistry
Antique Artistry
Sold by: Poppet McGimsie
Joined: July 28, 2006

Two creators, Poppet McGimsie and Fatima UR, have teamed up to bring you a mind-boggling array of home and garden decor, including antique furniture, prefabricated houses, trees, plants, arbors, birds, flowers, fountains and some mermaid things. We also offer beautiful mesh and sculpted horses and a new other animals.


Our products have mod + copy permission but not transferable. Products with Demo versions cannot be returned for a refund - make sure you thoroughly inspect the demo version before buying. Other products can be returned for refund only at our discretion. Dollarbies are as-is.

You can get redelivery of most of our items at any Caspertech redelivery terminal.

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