MAS - Things for your Home and Body.
MAS - Things for your Home and Body.
Sold by: Ellie Criss
Joined: October 26, 2007

MAS: Things for your Home and Body

So we have reopened, and we have a bunch of new stuff!
MAS has decided after a long absence to re-open the store with some brand new tattoos.
We will be selling a bit of everything tattoos, clothes, furniture and accessories.
We hope you like the new look and the new products.
More to come soon.
Visit our inworld's nice.


If there is a Sharkie's Tattoos, or Over the Top Make-up product you cannot find in the new store please IM Ellie Criss. Most of the M.A.S products are being converted to Mesh.

****Please read all product info carefully.
If you have any questions please IM Ellie Criss before you buy.
Refunds will not be given because someone assumed the product does something it doesn't.

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